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Sustainable Water Use: How to Lead an Eco-Friendly Life at Home

If you live in a country that has fresh water in abundance, consider yourself one of the lucky ones! But that doesn’t mean we get to over-use the gift we were given by nature. Using water sustainably is the best way to ensure that fresh water is preserved on our Earth for generations to come. Here are our tips for
sustainable living and water use:

Sing in the shower Believe it or not, singing is the best way to keep your long showers in check! Since most songs are 3-4 minutes long, setting a limit of singing no more than a song and a half while in the shower will help you reduce your shower time down to 5 minutes, and keep you entertained! Make water sit, not run A rule of thumb you should always live by is that water should never be left to run freely! When washing your dishes, soaking them in warm water for a few minutes before washing up saves up a ton of water that would have instead been left running while you attempt to scrape off the stubborn leftovers off your plate.

Not only are you saving water, but also saving effort!

Change the way you shave Instead of using running water to clean your razors while shaving, fill up a small bowl with warm water and dip your razor in to clean it in between strokes. This small change saves up to 60% of the water that would have gone straight down the drain.

Stop buying bottled water Buying and consuming bottled water is one of the most harmful everyday activities you can do to your environment. If you want to lead a sustainable lifestyle and save on your water consumption, installing a water filtration system in your home is your best bet. Cutting out plastic means you are saving on your water consumption, as well as saving the thousands of
gallons of water that go into producing plastic in the first place!

Say no to microbeads Did you know that those little small pebbles in some of your hand wash, shower gel or toothpaste is actually one of the most harmful materials that can go into your water stream? These same microbeads are made of microplastics that go through the sewage system and into freshwater harming fish and even
making its way back onto your plate!

Instead, choose soap that doesn’t have microbeads in it. Better yet, using soap bars can keep the water clean and reduce your plastic waste.

Your toilet is not a garbage bin Using your toilet to flush tissue paper, floss, cotton pads or other items can actually lead to 60% more
water usage. Keep a small lined bin in your bathroom instead to save thousands of gallons of water with every flush.

Brush responsibly Brushing your teeth is one of the most wasteful activities you may be doing. How? Not turning the tap off while you take care of your chompers wastes 80% more water than it would if turned it off and used slow bursts of water to rinse your brush.

While this may seem like an obvious solution, you’d be surprised how many people don’t abide by this simple rule!

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