Waterlogic Max Firewall™
The Waterlogic Max Firewall™ is the ultimate high capacity water cooler. Featuring Firewall technology, this water cooler delivers high volumes of quality water throughout the day. Thanks to the Firewall UV purification system, the water is free from contaminants, chlorine and has a stable mineral composition. For those needing a continuous supply of purified water, the Max is the answer.
  • High capacity water cooler, ideal for filling large jugs or bottles
  • Guarantees 99.9999% pure water, 100% of the time
  • Easy filling – you can select continuous or controlled dispense
  • Quality stainless steel machine with BioCote® for extra bacteria protection

High capacity water cooler with latest technology

All water dispensers are not created equal! The Waterlogic Max Firewall is more than a high capacity water cooler. Born from a unique know-how, the Max has proprietary and technologies to provide the best quality water, all day long. For those who wish to enjoy a continuous supply of cold drinking water, with the guaranteed purification from Firewall, then read on …

  • High capacity water cooler, ideal for catering
  • Dispenses up to 80 liters per hour
  • Stainless steel unit is robust and easy to clean
  • Optional single or double outlet option
  • Only requires a small floor area of 321mm x 335mm (width x depth)

Water Options:

  • Cold, single or double outlet

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