Waterlogic 1000GF
An ideal water dispenser that will supply a high volume of water in a busy working environment. It has a large cold water reservoir featuring stainless steel coils for perfectly chilled water, plus the system ensures water passes by the in-tank UV light multiple times every hour for exceptional water purity.

Ideally suited to staff canteens, gyms, large offices, factory areas.

  • In-tank UV technology removes waterborne micro-organisms that may cause disease.
  • BioCote® infused water reservoir, dispensing buttons and front panel surfaces for anti microbial protection.
  • Gravity-fed storage tank ideal for areas prone to power interruptions or low water pressure.
  • Large dispense area allowing access for 1 litre sports bottles
  • Drip tray can be connected to a waste outlet.
  • Hot, Cold & Ambient water on tap

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