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You`re on your way to joining hundreds of other savvy consumers. Call us NOW on +971 (0) 42 771 642 or e-mail using the quick link on our web page or on with your details and what you’re looking for and we`ll get back to you right away.

Renting is by far the most convenient way to consume water, it also provides you with an all-inclusive service so you are covered for every eventuality. Even in the unlikely event your water dispenser breaks down, we will come and replace it at no cost to you.

When you consider the cost to your business and home not just in monetary terms but the inconvenience and wasted resources of ordering, remembering to leave money or coupons out, storing bottles, the additional paperwork such as weekly delivery notes and invoicing for plastic bottled water, and not to mention the safety factor of someone having to lift 19kgs onto the water dispenser: then a bottle free system will  always be more cost effective in the long term.

Furthermore, consider what value you add to your brand (in the eyes of your own customers and employees) in “going green” and implementing a bottle less dispenser or filter system.

Before we do, we need the following information:

  • How many 5 or 4 gallon bottles you use each week?
  • How much you pay per bottle?
  • How many water dispensers you currently have?

Typically, you will start to save in less than 6 to 12 months (but can be as early as 3 to 6 months for those high-volume areas). Year on year savings can be anything from 40-75%. Once we have your usage information, we will give you an accurate report on your expected savings.

As technology advances and better products come on the market, that means you may be missing out on better quality and value. We ONLY use the best and most innovative products and that’s why our water dispensers are designed and engineered in the United Kingdom, and our filters are produced in the U.S.A.

We are a quality brand and aim to provide quality service to our customers for peace of mind we will come and visit you and provide honest feedback on your current system, that means if it`s good then we`ll tell you so.

If you are in a commercial property, then it is always best to be 100% sure and ask. Our systems are non-intrusive and, in most cases, involve out of sight piping solutions – such as behind or underneath kitchen units, behind stud wall partition or across suspended ceilings.

We can help and advise your landlord what is involved. Sometimes we may need to drill some small access holes through an adjoining wall next to the water supply, or you may want a tap mounted on an existing sink or work surface. The piping we use is food grade plastic and no thicker than 9.5mm (the size of a small finger) installation is bespoke to any office/facility or residential property and will not affect the integrity of any existing infrastructure

If you move to another location, then we simply remove / restore to original condition and relocate them to your new location.

Life in the UAE is fast paced, and let’s face it the water cooler is probably the least important thing in the office, until it breaks down or you have no water of course!!

Our installation is quick and efficient with minimum fuss. We will liaise with anyone in your company and leave you to concentrate on the day job, the sooner you make the switch, the quicker you start saving money and helping the environment.

Just think of all those deliveries of 5 gallon bottles and single use plastic bottles on a daily basis to homes and offices in the UAE, and how much of that plastic is actually recycled by switching to one of our systems we guarantee that you will improve your carbon footprint and reduce your impact on the local environment

Taste is personal and a subjective matter, but rest assured with our high quality under sink water filters and our Waterlogic Firewall ultraviolet purification then you are drinking some of the best tasting water in the region.

We offer a hassle-free service and take the admin burden away from you. We have an end-to-end CRM system that tracks when your filters were installed and automatically contacts you when our engineers are scheduled to visit. Our routine service and maintenance is normally done on a 3 or 6 monthly cycle.

For even more convenience, we always place a small reminder sticker on your filters or dispenser saying when the filters are due to be changed (just like when you take your car to the garage!)

Nearly all 5 gallon bottled water in the U.A.E comes from municipal supply, there are no `mineral water` providers in the UAE. Many companies have been cited for misleading consumers with their labels featuring mountain streams and glacial lakes, when in fact the water comes from a desalination plant or water filling station, take a look at the label on your bottle, if it states `bottled drinking water` then rest assured you are drinking a processed municipal supply if in doubt then call your provider and ask where their water source is!

The bottled water Industry marketing job is to convince us, the consumer, about their preferences of bottled water over tap water, but several studies and blind tastes have been performed and have proven that in most cases tap water is the preferred choice over bottled water.

Aside from the very obvious reduction in plastic waste (did you know a 5 gallon bottle has 6 parts that ALL need to be recycled separately? The bottle, the plastic cap, the foam seal, the glue for the seal, the plastic hygiene wrap and the plastic cover seal!)

Most companies within the U.A.E. import their 5 gallon plastic bottles (mainly due to demand not being met in country), not using 5 gallon bottles will negate the need to transport via sea and land.
ANY plastic bottle (5 gallon or otherwise) has to be delivered to you the consumer either via a retail store or to your front door or office via a bottled water company. This is very energy intensive and extremely bad for the environment.

Let’s look at the road map of a 5 gallon plastic bottle for example- Company `A` buys it, this bottle is produced and shipped to the U.A.E, it arrives at Company `A`s location via road, it is then washed and cleaned and then filled with desalinated sea water (a very labour intensive process in itself) (now remember you home or office ALREADY has desalinated water via the local municipality supply), the bottle is loaded onto a delivery truck, this truck delivers to your location, the empty bottle is collected and returned for the whole process to begin again.

Now think, that is only one bottle for one delivery, you probably have a minimum of one delivery a week (if residential, even more if commercial), that`s approximately 48 to 52 deliveries per year. Now take a large bottled water company and multiply that one delivery by 60 (avg daily deliveries of a truck) by 6 (days of the week) and now by 52 weeks (in a year) and by say 300 (number of truck on the road each day), that works out at around 5.6 million deliveries per year and that’s just one large bottled company……………there are in excess of 100 5 gallon companies in the UAE!

Things do go wrong, we`re here for you. We offer 100% peace of mind, if anything doesn`t seem right then call or email us, we will try and resolve your issue over the telephone and if not then we will get to you ASAP. Our contact details are on the web page.

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