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When promoting a healthy lifestyle we should be delivering with action, Filtered water is not only a positive alternative to sugary drinks its a real life lesson on sustainalbe behaviour.,
Our POU water dispensers are an essential tool in delivering this message loud and clear. Drinking plenty of clean, healthy water keeps students alert and functioning at their highest level.
Health and safety at schools has never been more prominent. Our foot operated dispensers eliominate any common touch points whilst delivering the purest and best-tasting water around. Students are proud to fill their reusable bottles and create a better tomorrow.  Our high-capacity dispensers can stand up to the demands of the busiest campus and the rigors of school and university life.

Better drinking equals better thinking, whilst providing a great sugar free refreshment in a very cost-effective and sustainable way.

Our covid secure range of water dispnesers provides parents, staff and puplis alike with the ultimate peace of mind.

BioCote is Top of the Class

When considering a water dispenser for the environmental sector, a key considered is to ensure minimising the risk of spreading microbes which schools are typically prone to due to the close contact of people for prolonged periods, numerous commonly touched communal surfaces and isolated cleaning.

On many Waterlogic machines there is the protection of BioCote, which from a recent live test of two primary school classrooms has shown a difference in total bacterial counts between a BioCote protected Waterlogic water dispenser and a standard non-BioCote water dispenser of an impressive 96.79%. Click here to find out more.

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