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7 Things You Should Never Pour Down the Drain

We all have at least one thing that we pour down the drain and regret later. There’s bound to be something that you’ve done that could have easily been avoided and would have saved you from having to pay a plumber! Here are seven things you should never, ever pour down the drain:

1. Cooking grease and oil

One of the most common culprits of clogged drains is pouring cooking grease and oil down the sink. When hot grease cools, it solidifies and clings to the walls of the pipes, gradually building up over time. This can result in restricted water flow, leading to blockages. Instead, let grease and oil cool in a container and dispose of them in the trash, even if it is just a small amount.

2. Coffee grounds

If you’re a coffee lover, you should be cautious not to dispose of coffee grounds down the drain. While they may seem harmless, coffee grounds can accumulate in the pipes and create stubborn clogs. Consider composting your coffee grounds or adding them to your garden as a natural fertilizer.

3. Eggshells

Although they may appear harmless due to their delicate nature, eggshells can cause problems in your plumbing. The thin membrane inside the eggshell can wrap around other debris in the pipes, creating blockages. Dispose of eggshells in the trash or add them to your compost pile.

4. Pasta and rice

Pasta and rice may seem harmless when cooked, but they can expand when exposed to water. Flushing them down the drain can lead to clogs as they absorb moisture and swell. To avoid this, dispose of pasta and rice in the trash or use them as compost.

5. Pharmaceuticals

Flushing expired or unwanted medications down the toilet can have detrimental effects on the environment. Wastewater treatment plants are not designed to remove pharmaceutical compounds effectively, which can find their way into water bodies, affecting aquatic life. Instead, consult local disposal guidelines or contact a nearby pharmacy for proper medication disposal methods.

6. Paint and chemicals

Pouring paint, solvents, or other chemicals down the drain can contaminate water sources and harm the environment. Always follow the instructions on the product label for proper disposal methods.

7. Cleaning products

While cleaning products are designed to clean, they can be harmful to your plumbing system when poured down the drain in excessive amounts. Harsh chemicals can erode pipes and cause long-term damage. Consider using environmentally friendly cleaning alternatives or disposing of the products according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Taking a proactive approach to what goes down your drain can save you from potential plumbing nightmares and protect the environment. By avoiding the common culprits mentioned above and adopting responsible disposal methods, you can maintain a healthy plumbing system and contribute to a sustainable future. Remember, when in doubt, it’s best to dispose of items in the trash rather than down the drain.

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